Leadresell platform (USA) – lead distribution software


Help client to distribute leads from his monetization network to different contributors.
Allow client to customize the distribution process to maximize his profit.

About LeadsResell

This solution provides the functions of storage, processing and transfer of data for your leads or users of your websites. The data processing is divided into data organization (import) and data output (export).
You can set the data processing and leads verification during every stage. There are three roles for users of the system — leads supplier, buyer and administrator. Every user has his own personal folder on FTP. The name of the FTP server, login and password for the system entry is reflected when editing any LeadSource or Contacts. Some types of import and export are inserted into subfolders. The main distinction from the LeadStorage system is that leads are sold directly in the process of receiving but not according the Scheduler. Also, leads data is received through web services.


Project manager, Client representative, Lead Developer, 3 Mid Developers.


Deployed and run into production system allowing:

  • Accept leads from various sources by different ways such as Email, FTP, HTTP(s) POST, HTTP(s) GET, Rest API, SOAP Api
  • Create dynamic queries from that leads
  • Create custom rules to distribute the leads to different contributors
  • Transform leads from one form to another, for example from long lead to short lead
  • Sell leads using flexible schedule
  • Prepare lead and financial reports