Rtb Bidder

We offer solution capable to connect to any AD exchange supporting Open RTB and protobuf protocols.

Horizontally scalable up to 60k QPS

Average processing time is below 20 ms

Can work in clouds or dedicated servers

Banker service is built in, supports different capping & frequencies

Supports VAST / VPAID

Supports third_party_banner; third_party_video; native; interstitial; video;

Supports almost any IAB targetting

Supports white listing & black listing

Supports mobile identifiers

Supports distributed instances across world to solve INTERNET latency problems

Could be white labeled

Easy integration with a DMP, anti fraud services, custom prediction models

Have ready about 20 ad exchange integrations such as bidswitch, google, smartrtb, mopub, envisionX and so on

Have full functionality API to control the buying process

Could be deployed on your infrastructure less than in 2 weeks