SSP (Supply / Sell Side platform)

iAgeEngineering offers customizable SSP (Supply / Sell Side platform) to enable publishers to manage their advertising inventory, get ads and receive profit.

It is used by publishers to optimize their advertising space.

SSP fits all the standards and meets all the requirements of  advertising technological processes.

Using SSPs publishers can maximize the revenue offering impressions to as many potential buyers as possible.

SSP automates selling of publisher’s media space. Publisher can setup minimum price floor that specifies the minimum price for which inventory is sold through specific buyers and channels.

SSP helps publisher in delivering highly targeted ads and sell advertising space at higher price.

iAgeEngineering offers stable, trouble-free working solution. It can be white labeled and easily customized according to your requirements. It can be also integrated with other solutions.

  • Holds up to 5000 requests per / second and this can be easily scaled according to your needs.
  • Clickhouse database is used for analytics & reports.
  • Reddis database is used as in memory store.
  • GoLang
  • NodeJS
  • Has already integrated bidders and DSPs.