GETMENOW.COM Delivery service

GetMeNow is an online store with a catalogue of 15 000 items. Users can order all kinds of products starting with bread and milk and ending with computers and smartphones.

The strong point of this business was fast order delivery. That is why our firts priority was to develop a product that was user friendly for customers and couriers who delivered orders.
It took us about 2 months to make core development.
GetMeNow includes the following modules:

  • Product catalogue
  • Product card
  • Automatic updates of item descriptions
  • Search
  • User profile
  • Basket
  • Integration with payment services
  • Admin panel

Couriers can register at the system, select orders and deliver them. Customers can track how their orders delivered at the map.

We developed a unique admin panel that included:

  • User management – couriers, sales and customers
  • Payment module for couriers to get money for delivery
  • Product catalogue management
  • Content management


iAge Engineering portpolio - GetMeNow screen shot


iAge Engineering portpolio - GetMeNow screen shot