Prebid services

Have a lot of experience working with prebid and offer the following services.

  • Setup prebid.js on a site
  • Configure prebid server in different configurations.
  • Setup and configure placements and amp pages
  • Setup video and complex scenarios like dynamic creatives, endless scrolls and carousels
  • Development of client side and server side prebid adapters for an SSP
  • Connect an third party or develop your own customized analytics for prebid.
  • Modification and customization of logic of client side and server side auctions.
  • Audit of prebid setup and find discrepancies.
  • Integrate a consent management platform to conform GDPR & CCPA requirements
  • Change ad tags on the fly
  • Prebid auction from an ad tag (video tags included) for the traffic resell
  • Google DFP integration