Why Do Ad Agencies Need a Private Data Management Platform

Seriously, why? What for, if there are so many data management services?

Every ad agency has to answer a number of puzzling questions:

  • who, beside me, can access my data?
  • how can I assure the client that his/her data is only used for his/her purposes?
  • how can I illustrate the way algorithms inside the DMP work and how data is processed
  • why are all integrations so slow, rigid or expensive and why don’t we manage to perform dynamic retargeting with the sweetheart’s name in time for St. Valentine’s Day?

Sounds familiar, right? Don’t ask how we know all that.
The most important thing is that we know that a private DMP is the solution to all those problems.

What is a Private DMP?

This DMP is designed for your business only; it is stored on the resources that you and your clients trust; its source code is open for you and auditors.

Features of a Private DMP

Firstly, a Private DMP can do as much as any other DMP

  • Gather 1st party client data (1st party) with the help of a pixel and use it for targeting
  • Gather 2nd party data and audit impressions on your own
  • Get 3rd party data from providers and use it for targeting.

Secondly, a Private DMP is security-oriented

  • You can gather data from your clients and keep it in your own secure storage, without having to employ 3rd party solutions

You know on which servers your data is stored

  • You can set auditable security parameters for each of your major clients

You can have a separate server for each of your clients to physically separate the data. Moreover, your client can hire a 3rd party auditor and inspect their server’s security.

  • All client data is tied to the agency’s user id, which rules out the possibility of client data leak outside the DMP

The client can be assured his/her id won’t go beyond the Private DMP.

Thirdly, a Private DMP gives flexibility

  • Ability to use data from providers for building custom look-alike models

Look-alike – is a commercial term. Each DMP has its own realization; consequently, different look-alike algorithms ensure different degrees of segment efficiency. You can choose the algorithm that is optimal for your situation.

  • Ability to create and upload your own custom segments into ad networks

You can enrich the 1st party data you gathered and create your own custom segment just because your business needs it.

  • Ability to offer clients new real-time RTB mechanisms of interacting with users

Examples of integration: TvSync, BrandSafety, dynamic retargeting (additional fields for retargeting purposes), you can setup a separate server that can help reduce latency when working with a bidder.

  • A team of developer creates a special product just especially for you, supports it and guarantees fast execution of tasks.

Who are we? IAge Engineering.

IAge Engineering entered the online ad technology market in 2002. Year 2012 marked a shift to real-time bidding and marketing development for the Russian and European markets.
We develop trading desks, DMPs, DSPs, SSPs, Bidders, Mobile Video Ad Servers for major ad agencies.
We consult and provide technological support to big ad agencies and services.

We can create a Private DMP for you, too!